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Nvidia talks new GPUs, iray, cloud computing

Continuing my GPU focus as of late check out this interesting post, or skip directly to the video as shown in the link below.

“Nvidia revealed details of its new GPU product lines and discussed the state of interactive and cloud rendering during yesterday’s keynote at the Nvidia-funded GPU Technology Conference.

Company president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang invited speakers from Autodesk and mental images to share stage space during the almost-two-hour session, which also provided the first public outing for its two upcoming GPU product ranges.

The Kepler GPUs, due for release in late 2011, are expected to offer up to six times the performance-per-Watt ratio of the existing Tesla GPUs. The Maxwell product range, scheduled to follow in 2013, will offer up to 16 times the performance ratio.”

Or jump straight to the video here. It is a long video so if interested in the architectural visualization specific section about iray skip to 56min into the presentation and there is also a interesting part on Adobe products at 1hour 17min.

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  1. @Chris: Well… yes. I will be submitting a paper this year on GPU rendering which I think is really going to change everything in the Arch Vis world… only catch is the graphics cards are pricey at the moment.

    Apparently these are the cards to use, 6x faster than a dual quad, I wonder as it is using the GPU as opposed to the CPU would PC performance suffer in other applications whilst rendering?

    $2600 AUD

    $3600 AUD

  2. So Dan, are you going to follow this and achieve guru status so you can update your talk and dataset to use iRay for next year’s RTC events?

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