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Revit Server.

Lots of discussions on this at the moment.

The other tools that will be released are web-based collaboration tools, under the Revit Server Extension, designed to help project teams located in different parts of the country or world be able to work on the same model easier and faster. Because Autodesk’s larger customers needed help facilitating large team workflows, Revit now allows for teams to work over a wide area network, said Stark, which improves efficiency. It allows for Revit users to maintain a collection of Revit central models on a single server that can then be accessed from local servers, and the way in which the local and central servers talk to each other has been optimized. In addition, projects can me managed on the Revit central server through the web-based Revit Server Administration tools. “This is a big need that has come about as larger teams are working in different locations,”

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